Are you a foodie? You love to go out with friends to roam around and end up having food? You love to go to different restaurant to try some amazing food?

Huffff! I have lot many things to ask!  Because I have something special for you!

I love food a lot! Whenever I go out just to sit and spend special time, I end my day being in any restaurant or cafeteria only!

Yesterday I went to one restaurant in Andheri, and the kind of experience and the food I had was extraordinary! I was little upset and all alone. I wanted to be with someone to share my feelings. But no one was free to listen to my whining. I settled myself in front of the mirror looking at sad and helpless me. I so wanted to cry and yell.

Suddenly I saw a waiter coming happily towards me in the mirror. He just came and said, “Hey! You seem tired, why don’t you get freshen up!?” and started pouring water in the bowl and helped me wash my hands and face. I just asked him to get his favorite dish for my dinner! Then very sweetly and excitedly he said “Just get settled, I am going to bring something special for you!” After seeing his excitement about the dish that he was going to bring for me, I got little excited and started waiting for him to come ASAP. Everything was just being perfect slowly and thoroughly because of the foodie inside me. It was making me more and more desperate to see that special dish!

Suddenly that guy was coming flinging delicious smell on his way. My all mood got lighter because of the smell and I started craving to have that special dish to be on my table! 

He arrived at the table and said, “Here is your special dish. I am sure you’ll enjoy it!” and he went back. As soon as I saw that mouth-watering well garnished Dutch dish – A Dutch Baby, I started tickling my taste buds! Totally unique and amazingly delicious and lazeezz! Then I couldn’t resist myself and I just started eating it crazily. I was just concentrating on the food and forgot all my whining. As soon as I got done with my food, that guy again came and said “I hope you enjoyed your special dish and now it’s a time to make your mood more sweet and happy! This is a Blueberry Buckle cake. Have fun!”

It was a perfect dessert after my Dutch Baby. These dishes made my day and the craving I had just didn’t want to stop! I so wanted to share this foodie feeling with everyone. I wanted to tell my family and friends about the yummiest dishes I had! But what if I could share it with everyone around the city! I think you too would have had such an experience and you too would want to share it with people around you.

There is a solution for it! And that is Slurrp

Find the best food in any Restaurant!

A special thing for you that I was talking about in starting!

It’s a platform to slurrp if you like the food and to be the number one foodie! Now I like discovering new different dishes and slurrp it! I have become the number one foodie on the slurrp! So you too download the slurrp and be my competitor of being number one foodie and make others day special!

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