Bazingalabs – A journey to Success!

We all think that success is our destination. But what if we make this success our journey? Then we’ll be cherishing and learning more and more new things out of it! What if this success turns out to be a failure? Then why to worry! If success is a journey then we are going to have good and bad paths on our way!

Bazingalabs learned all these during its journey. Bazingalabs journey started in 2012 with 2 people Kakshil Shah and Darshika Joshi. They only were handling the business and the Tech both. They used to work for 16 hours a day with only one goal in their mind – ‘To make Bazingalabs the Largest Product Development House of India’. Their quality of work, niche coding and dedication allowed them to make a good journey of success! After the dedicated amount of work and successful completion of their goals, they needed to expand their team.

Then they hired some Android developers and designers to make more user friendly and attractive products. Then a journey which started with these two people reached till the journey of ours! But when team size increases, understanding and common interests can be a loophole. So for that peer learning became the necessary part and everyone tried to understand each other, we all maintained the transparency and built a good team.It made us enable smoother movement towards targets, prolong forward momentum, and help themselves to overcome obstacles.

This way Bazingalabs reached till here with amazing new products with good appraisal in the market. Still we haven’t stopped our journey. More and more research, new ideas, creative thinking, new tech inventions make us learn more and enhance our work more!

We have now some amazing products of different verticals in a single umbrella like Fabogo, EatRepeat and Skedule! Some of the future products are Slurrp, Aerodex and we are also doing research in Fintech and soon we’ll be out with amazingly crazy idea!

We are continuing our journey to success. Because we think that success doesn’t really have an end!

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