Startup Culture – A creative way of working!

Startup is a newly invented term which is being center of attraction in the market and all people want to use this term with their name and their work! Bigger companies are also amazed with this term.

These startups are the companies on their early stage of the business. These startups work totally in a different way, in a very friendly and free atmosphere- no rules, but still they are known for their best outcome. There is no hierarchy but still work is done on time by the team. The startup people love playing songs loudly and roam around in the office but still they are much focused. We all wonder how they work and how they get such an amazing result.startup1-new

The reason is their culture and nothing else.

I heard somewhere that ‘No company has a culture, every company is a culture’. So startup companies’ culture is not based on the rules given in the rule book or any of the websites. These people are totally new to their field. That’s why they are not biased with the rules that other companies have or the culture that other companies follow. Even if they have worked somewhere before then too they don’t follow the way they were working in that company. They don’t actually understand how to implement it. So here everything is new and from scratch. Everything is to be designed in totally new and creative way.

The only Startups which have understood the need of the company and their goal’s seriousness have made their space in today’s competitive market.

This kind of startups gets successful when they are able to boil down the innovative and energetic vibe to five themes that connect the “ethos” of a company with its environment:

  • An “Anything is possible” mentality
  • The ability to react and shift quickly
  • Employees and leaders who own their contributions
  • Always listen to new ideas

Enjoy your work. Keep it in mind that “Say no to work after fun but make your work fun!”

So the startups which follow these themes have made people to contribute and understand that how they are very important for the company.

They have given opportunities to their employees to give their inputs and help them in changing the world. They try to understand their passion, personality, authenticity and agility. That’s why startups have made their own place in the corporate world.

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